We are pleased to announce our first 1:10 EP touring car "SAKURA ZERO", collection of the best elements plus ultimate design.

Optional parts

Central Weight Balancer, Battery Weight Balancer & Motor Weight Balancer

Everyone knows the importance of weight balance, but how to have a better balance? And how to arrange it as good as possible? Have you ever think you can balance your car well with beautiful appearance?

To make the car perform well, the CG of the car should as low as you can and as center as you can. Lower CG components provide faste...............more details

Downstop protection shim

Downstop protection shim

When your car is running, the downstops move up and down continuously. In this moment, the downstop screws like a awl to punch the chassis. A small hole will be made on the chassis and the left and right sides do not match finally...............more details

Low CG weight balancer

Graphite pattern low CG weight balancer

Sakura Zero graphite chassis is reserved a space for attaching our graphite pattern low CG weight balancer. You can put the balancers to the lowest point of the chassis. It can provide faster response and greater stability..............more details

Screw-less spur gear adaptor

Weight Balance

This is the all-new design of spur gear adaptor. Besides reducing the weight of screws, screw-less spur gear adaptor also reduces the first transmission power loss. In addition, screw-less makes the spur gear adaptor weight equal left-to-right, hence decreases gear swinging that the transmission system can deliver the best performance.............more details


01. 2.25mm graphite chassis
02. 2.0mm graphite upper deck
03. Aluminum motor mount, F&R bulkhead with pink anodize
04. 2 belt drive system
05. 7075 rear rolling differential system (RDSTM) (Optional)
06. F&R 38T pulley and 20T center pulley
07. Full ball bearings
08. 7075 Alloy front and rear universal driveshafts
09. Quick change stabilizer mounts
10. 64 titanium turnbuckles
11. Steering locker pin (SLPTM)
12. Quick change screw-less spur gear adaptor
13. Quick change spur gear mounts
14. Easy rear diff access
15. Graphite pattern low CG balance weights (Optional)
16. Front and rear graphite shock towers
17. Aluminum suspension mounts
18. Smart suspension outer pin
19. Rolling center shims (0.25/0.5mm) (Optional)
20. Chassis downstop protection plate
21. 7075 Ball differential



User Manual Uploaded.


Finish TITC Race.


Update most of the features on Sakura website.


Testing on track.


Part of testing sample finished.


Sakure Zero decals & Stickers Making.


Sakure Zero confirm making sample.


Sakure Zero CAD Drawing Finished.


Sakure Zero CAD Drawing.


Sakura Zero Brainstorming.